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[Sep. 15th, 2008|11:24 pm]
Physical Therapy


sort of a vague question, but a friend told me i wouldn't be able to be a physical therapist because of my intense fear of needles...

i wasn't even aware that PTs (or PTAs) would use needles? Is this true?

I was looking into possibly doing PT or PTA...

[User Picture]From: badxfaith
2008-09-16 05:37 pm (UTC)
it may not be much, but in my 60 hours of volunteer experiance i have not seen any of the PTs use a needle. maybe to get fluid out of a jar once. but thats it.
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[User Picture]From: dance_shiva
2008-09-17 05:27 am (UTC)
As a PT, you never put needles in people.

There are some forms of muscle testing that involve needles being inserted into the muscle to test nerve conductivity, etc, but that's a highly specialized area of sports medicine. If you work as a hospital PT, you will have to become comfortable working with people who have needles in them already, IVs and such, and you will have to learn about the kinds of lines and drains a person might be hooked up to so you can help them move safely, but you will never be responsible for inserting or removing any such lines or drains. Sometimes hypodermic needles are used to measure out fluids from sealed containers for use on iontopheresis pads, but you're not sticking that into a person, you're just squirting it onto a pad onece you have it measured.

You WILL need to have a lot of AWARENESS of needles, because even if you don't plan to work as a hospital PT, your program will want you to learn the information. If needles squick you *so* badly that you're having a hard time just reading this post, then it may not be the field for you. But in my experience, several of the things that I went into school most frightened of became far less upsetting as I learned more about how to treat and handle them safely.
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[User Picture]From: songbirds
2008-09-18 02:11 am (UTC)
I'm a PTA, and the only thing I've ever used a needle for is to get dexamethazone out of a bottle to squirt on an iontophoresis patch. Never on a person.

I would say you would almost never have to worry about it in this field. Unless you work in a hospital. Even then you'll never have to use one on someone. :)
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From: brittanyallr
2008-10-21 12:24 am (UTC)
They do but they never touch a person they only go on patches to put ant inflammatory medication on it. Brittany Allen PT
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