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Physical Therapy

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Observation [Feb. 1st, 2010|02:45 pm]
Physical Therapy
How did you know you wanted to be a physical therapist? Right now I'm a second year college student with a Biology major that is interested in the field, but not sure if I want to pursue it. The only way I can think of confirming my interest is to be able to observe physical therapists, but so far every hospital or outpatient clinic I've contacted has given me a "no". Why? Because they want to reserve their spots for people "completing their required hours" and in the process of already applying to PT schools. How can I confirm my interest if I'm not allowed to be near any PTs and their patients? Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

[User Picture]From: benfranklin2
2010-05-17 03:35 am (UTC)

Physical Therapy observation

I understand your concers. I am preparing to apply for PTA school myself which is a long, hard, confusing process. But getting to your topic, I had the same problem. It is hard to find somewhere that will accept a person that is just "interseted" in a career in this field when they have so many students that are requesting the same observations that you are. This puts them on a pedistal and the physician usally sees them as a priority and you are autimatically placed on the bottom of the list. Although this may not be good news, there is good news. There are many small clinics specializing in different areas of PT. I went to many of these clinics and eventually found a great PT clinic that not only let me observe but paired me with someone who was close to my age and shared a similar lifestyle. It does not hurt to bend the rules a little and tell the PT that you are applying for PT school and before you apply they require observation hours. This is not completely leagal as you have confirmed that you are not a current PT student but you are trying to apply for PT school. Good Luck!
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